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there is so much to like about thanksgiving. I mean you get to spend time with your family and eat a massive amount of food.  I’m a picky eater so i do not really eat all of it but mainly just the desserts and turkey. im also glad that we get a week off from school. so thats what im thankful for the most.

final cut jing


part 2

My favorite teacher

As you know, school isn’t my favorite place in the world. But there has been one teacher thats pretty cool, and thats my computer teacher, mrs. zimmerman. She helps us with these hard assignments, especially spreadsheets on excell. Sometimes we even get to make to make power points and videos on how to do things on the mac. When ever i don’t do so well on an assignment she sometimes lets us redo it for a 70. She takes the time to go over our tests and tells us to always study. Whenever Andrew is loud, she does the class a favor and tells him to be quiet. If he keeps it up she moves him over to the printer, where its cold and loud (due to the noise of the printer and the air vent being above it. She has taught us how to use many computer programs such as jing, gimp, excel, and many other things.

How To make Butter Toast.

Butter toast is beloved by many of us americans.  Bread is the main foundation of the food. Without it the butter will nothing to melt on. and without the butter the bread will have nothing to hold. Many  americans take sliced for granted. Some people have to tear off the amount of bread they desire.

Now that you have read a short summary on butter toast, its time to get started. The things you will need are: a piece of bread (wheat, white, combo, etc), a tub of butter, the ever popular “butter knife”, and of course a toaster!.

Step one: place bread in the toaster and let it sit until it is a brownish black color.

Step two: Take bread out of toaster and place it on your plate. (CAUTION BREAD MIGHT BE HOT).

step three: Open your tub of butter and use the knife to spread a layer of butter on it.

Tip: the butter will melt into the bread, so its best if you let the bread cool for a few minutes.

you are now ready to eat your toast! watch the video below for further help.


i like steak

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